Sunday, June 20


Being interesting is the greatest gift someone can have…

It means they are inspiring. People will always be an essential source of inspiration to me. It can be anything they do, such as the way someone sneezes or records their voicemail greeting. Then there are the more intrinsic things, such as beauty, clothes, what he says, or she does. It’s hard to define what is interesting, but there are so many kinds of interesting that this is hardly required. Exposures’ mission is to create interesting content without the gimmick.

Other than a handful public figures, mostly dead by now, I am mainly interested in people I know, or people I almost know. By now I’ve met a lot of people, and almost met so many others. And I’m still always looking for someone new and interesting for inspiration. One time I walked by Danny Lohner’s house at night. He happened to be in his front yard and invited me in – without us knowing each other! The next thing, I’m holding a Grammy in my hands. Los Angeles is such a great place to meet interesting people. It’s a city that attracts the best talkers, doers, and beauties – and the very intense of everything!

Going out in Los Angeles is like no other thing, and especially recently. Ever since I was twelve years old I’ve been going out, but only recently I started to really make something out of it. With the help of technology, I can now take great pictures on my phone at night. I never saw myself as a photographer – even though I really like photography. I still don’t. I am an artist that feels the need to be working even when painting is not accessible. So I use photography as a tool to document my experience when I socialize. It is more than just a documenting tool, it helps me communicate and to engage with people I find interesting. And through social media, anyone in the world can see the people I see – and get inspired.

Exposures is not just about my experience. It is an effort to collectively share experiences that are somewhat linked to a common ground, such as the nightlife scene, or the art scene – something that is currently happening. And if someone decides that they want to be a part of it – they can. They can see who’s involved and where things are. They can then think up how they can be interesting and inspiration to others.

Ty Joseph