Thursday, July 25

Girl Talk with Kelleth Cuthbert

Interview by Tyler-Marie Evans & Photos by Ty Joseph

Tyler-Marie: So Kelleth, was it hard for you to learn English when you first moved to the United States?
Kelleth: My entire life living in Canada I had no idea, could not understand for the life of me, what the Canadian accent was when people would refer to it. I thought they were bullshitting, like I thought it was not a thing, and they would show me the difference, they would say a word the Canadian way and the American way and to me I thought they were saying the same word twice, in the same way. I couldn’t hear the difference. And as soon as I moved to the States, within like the first 6 months of living here, I went back to Canada and was like “Holy shit, Canadians DO speak differently, I have an accent.” And I think I’ve naturally shed it over time, but I definitely still get called out on certain words, mostly like the word “out,” I think I say it weird sometimes. [both laughing] Can you say the word “again”? …Again. [both laughing] Darn! I say it intentionally slowly so as not to expose myself for the Canadian I am. That’s my favorite Kelleth Canadian word!

Tyler-Marie: So I heard you were obsessed with serial killers… What do you think a therapist would have to say about that?

Kelleth: I think it’s a healthy obsession, if there is such a thing. I’ve always been fascinated by the deepest, darkest depravities of the human mind and I think that I’m interested in it because I’m preparing myself for inevitable future interactions with sociopaths. They’re among us, they’re everywhere, and we have to guard ourselves against them. We have to know how they think so we can avoid being taken under their wing, I think. [both laughing] I heard the “against!” Oh my god, busted! So Canadian.

Tyler-Marie: So switching gears to the topic of modeling… Have you ever walked out of a modeling job?

Kelleth: I’ve never walked out of a modeling job, but I’ve come close. I’ve had 99% amazing experiences with really professional people, but as I get older the amount of bullshit I would tolerate is definitely significantly less. When I was younger I don’t think I realized that you could just leave if something didn’t feel right. And that’s always my advice when new models ask me what to do in those scenarios, I just think if you’re the slightest bit uncomfortable, if your gut feeling is telling you something is not right you should just walk out. I mean, no photos, no money, nothing will be worth you staying and being in a potentially dangerous situation. And if you have a strong agency behind you, they would support your decision, hopefully, and understand that and back you on it. So the years have taught you how to interact? Yeah, definitely. I mean fortunately, people generally don’t try to pull anything weird with me… knock on wood… Because of your intimidating demeanor? [both laughing] I like to think I’m… I don’t know, I don’t know what it is! I’ve heard so many horror stories but I haven’t personally had too many of them, thankfully.

Tyler-Marie: Now, with horror,  you’ve been known to go to Cloak & Dagger, the goth club in Hollywood? Why is this the only place you go out to… Are they paying you or something? Let us in!
Kelleth: I do to places other than just Cloak & Dagger, but in general I don’t go out a whole lot. Like I’ll go, at best, like once or twice a month. I’m definitely a bit of a workaholic, so I do tend to focus more on work. But I do like to go out once in a while, I like to dance. I love Cloak & Dagger ’cause it’s the closest thing I’ve found in Los Angeles to the atmosphere of the old Toronto goth and fetish clubs that I cut my teeth on in my youth and it makes me feel super nostalgic for that time in my life. All of those places in Toronto don’t exist anymore and that whole scene has just changed and mostly died completely. But it was such a fun period in history, and I dunno, Cloak just reminds me of that. Do you have a best Cloak & Dagger moment, or a moment that stands out? I love those nights when you hear all the songs that you were hoping to hear and your friends are all there, amongst good people, feeling your outfit, it all comes together. Love it. 

Tyler-Marie: So now we have a game of word association. I’m gonna say a word and you’re gonna say the first thing that comes to mind, ‘kay?
Kelleth: ‘Kay. The first word: Pickles. Gherkin. God damn those tiny pickles are so disgusting.  I hate them so much. Second word, this is the best: Moist. Mildew? [both laughing] Well I guess that works! And then the third word is: Ted Bundy. Ann Rule. The Stranger Beside Me. Classic!

Tyler-Marie: Alright, now where is the most most fascinating place you’ve ever traveled?

Kelleth: I loved living in Hong Kong back in the day. Anytime I had a free day I would go hike on the outlying islands and it was so beautiful and so peaceful. And some of the islands didn’t even allow cars so there would be nobody, no cars, it was just the only place in all of Hong Kong where you could find complete solitude. Loved it

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