Tuesday, June 25

Exposed: Tyler-Marie’s Birthday by Travis Flack

A Studio 54 Themed Party Celebrating Tyler-Marie’s 26th Birthday

by Travis Flack

Instead of hopping off the M12 Manhattan-bound bus and briskly walking through the acrid city heat to a sweltering nightclub, I found myself careening through Mullholland Drive, windows down, playing 70s classics, in prepartion for time traveling back to when Studio 54 was in its apex. The occasion was to celebrate director/writer/producer Tyler-Marie Evans 26th birthday in full disco splendor.

I arrived at artist Ty Joesph’s house just after nightfall, parking against a row of party goers packed in like sardines on a bend in the road. A coyote welcomed me as soon as I locked my car with a pitchy bark and quick scamper. Finding the house, I let myself in and wandered inside.

Our guest of honor took me off-guard; from hair to toe she looked to be dipped fully in delicate gold leaf.

Say what you will about the authenticity of horoscopes, Tyler-Marie couldn’t have been more of an ambassador to Leo season.

Drinks were poured, Polaroids snapped and conversations ensued. Genuine laughter was perforated only by the sound of heartfelt singing in the balloon-filled dance floor, emotional and pure.

Someone once explained to me that a Studio 54 themed party can be about the clothes or the lack thereof.

Several hours later and with the guests in need of sugar, the sparkler cake arrived. On the top surface, all of the greats of the era adorned the frosting. Warhol’s polaroids: 45 years, 3,000 miles and a three-hour time difference away.

The dancing continued, the moon hung low, my ears popped. One by one the heavy-lidded partygoers made their exit, each twinkling and sparkling in the dark back to their cars.

As I headed out myself I realized how much I missed birthdays. Everyone does. It is so much more than another revolution around the sun; it’s a celebration of yourself and how others see themselves in you. I saw that on Saturday. Meeting new people and surrounding yourself with the interesting, talented friends you met along the way allows ourselves to truly revel in the weirdness of life. Make great art. Drink tequila. Help a stranger. Dip yourself in gold.

Happy Birthday Tyler-Marie, and thank you Ty Joesph for hosting.

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